Industrial Space

Massachusetts industrial space & industrial property commercial real estate generally ranges from smaller KW Commercialproperties, often called “Flex” or “R&D” properties, to larger office service or office warehouse properties to the very large “big box” industrial properties. An important, defining characteristic of industrial space is Clear Height. Clear height is the actual height, to the bottom of the steel girders in the interior of the building. This might be 14‐16 feet for smaller properties, and 40+ feet for larger properties. We also consider the type and number of docks that the property has. These can be Grade Level, where the parking lot and the warehouse floor are on the same level, to semi‐dock height at 24 inches, which is the height of a pickup truck or delivery truck, or a full‐dock at 48 inches which is semi‐truck height.

Alternative industrial space usage

Some industrial space buildings are currently being re-purposed from their initial intention of being used for manufacturing  and instead being used for new types of retail & membership businesses as well as art and contractor space.  Current and former clients have leased and purchased industrial space commercial real estate for landscaping businesses, gyms, repair shops, manufacturing, storage, art gallery, contractors yard, pharmaceutical companies, warehouse space, office space and yoga studios, ice rinks.

Andover commercial property

North Andover commercial property

Many people think of large companies when you mention industrial space but there are many smaller businesses using commercial industrial space for there businesses today that are in need of high ceiling height and open spaces. Consult with one of our agents on the possibilities.

 Available Commercial Industrial Space

Inventory of commercial industrial space changes frequently. We represent clients looking to lease and or purchase industrial real estate property. Fill out our inquiry form to the right and we will provide you with the current inventory of industrial space in the area you are looking for.

Commercial Leases

There are three basic types of industrial space commercial real estate leases. These leases are organized around two rent calculation methods: “net” and gross.” The gross lease typically means a tenant pays one lump sum for rent, from which the landlord pays his expenses. The net lease has a smaller base rent, with other expenses paid for by the tenant. The modified gross lease is a happy marriage between the two. While terms vary widely building by building, this basic overview will help businesses shop for the best deal possible.

Always work with an experienced commercial real estate broker when negotiating a commercial lease.